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Baby Kinkajous Male and Female 300 kwd خاص

منذ سنة الحيوانات الأليفة و التميمة Kuwait City   385 الآراء

300 د.ك

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موقعك: Kuwait City
السعر: 300 د.ك

Gina is an adorable 3 month old male kinkajou. He's very energetic and a little sweetheart. We got him as a playmate for our 2-1/2 year son  but having them both is a little too much to handle.  We generally have them out from about 7pm to midnight when we go to bed.  neutered and declawed  We love the little guy to pieces but having 2 kinkajous is a little much. Willing give them as a pair to good and responsible home only,If you are interested in providing a home for them contact us via email.No phone calls.

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